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Starting with programming.

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So, I recently made a port of a PC game I made for the Atari. I have more games I would like to port but the Atari isn't good enough.

Does anyone know where I can download some stuff and some tutorials?


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newcoleco's devkit has lots of samples and some good documentation in C:




Look at Software->Programming Tools. It uses the good work from PKK on SDCC, but with Daniel's libraries and stuff that is based on the original C library by Marcel de Kogel, as updated and changed by Daniel.


Or I have a little about making a SuperGAME in assembly at:




Although much of what I do would work fine for ColecoVision programming using the OS7 BIOS functions.

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Since this thread is about getting started with programming, I might as well ask my stupid questions here...


I went to Sebastian Mihai's website to get the Coleco C dev kit and put it in C:\z80 as instructed. I saw that he included his Mowleco game, so I duplicated the directory and renamed it "learning," with the intent of fiddling around with it until I get an idea of how stuff works.


I run CCI3.exe and "learning" shows up as expected. I click "Compile All" then "Link" then "Run." The emulator pops up, though I have to select the result.ROM file by hand (mildly annoying). It works... but it doesn't actually reflect any changes I made to mowleco.c. Likewise when I try make.bat from the "learning" directory and press Default (as instructed) then Compile, Link, and Run. At least CCI2 will open the game in the compiler when I press Run, but, again, the game doesn't reflect any changes I make to the .c file.


What am I doing wrong?

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Are you sure you saved the C file after your changes and before compiling.

Yeah, but I think I was doing something else wrong.


I just went back to things again. This time, I tried something different:


1. I deleted all files from the project directory except for mowleco.c, tiles.c, and the run.bat and make.bat files

2. I switched to view files by Date Modified, so I can see the most recent files as they're created at the top.


After that, I tried CCI3 first:


1. I opened CCI3

2. The "learning" folder was selected by default, so I clicked mowleco.c and then Compile:

Files created: mowleco.sym, mowleco.rel, mowleco.lst, mowleco.asm

3. I then chose tiles.c and hit Compile again:

Files created: tiles.sym: tiles.rel, tiles.lst, tiles.asm

4. Next, I clicked Link:

Files created: result.rom, crtcv.noi, crtcv.noi, crtcv.map, crtcv.lk, crtcv.ihk

5. Finally, I clicked Run. However, since that doesn't automatically open the ROM (for some reason), I had to navigate to it and select it.

6. This time, I saw a change, which is great!


That worked! Maybe I hadn't clicked on each of the files (mowleco.c and tiles.c) and compiled both before linking.


Alternately, after deleting all but the bat and c files, I tried CCI2 through make.bat:


1. I opened make.bat, which opens CCI2

2. I clicked "Default" as advised, which selects crtcv.rel, cvlib.lib, and getput.lib

3. Next, I clicked Compile All:

Files created: mowleco.rel, c.bat, and tiles.rel

4. Then, I clicked Link:

Files created: result.rom, l.bat, crtcv.noi, crtcv.map, certcv.lk

5. Finally, I clicked Run (which works) and saw the expected change. Woo!


So maybe I was just doing something stupid and not realizing it.


Is there any reason to use CCI3 over CCI2? Why do such a different set of files get created? Why does the Run option in CCI3 not work correctly?

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