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Discovered(?) The New Aladdin Collection disk magazine

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Thanks, Bob.

I post the missing disk up on Atarimania.com with the rest of them.


I don't think there were anymore than the ones Kevin posted above and the one you posted.



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@Kirkman - do you have the means to convert disks to .st files? I have the two ST issues pictured in http://atariage.com/forums/topic/229627-discovered-the-new-aladdin-collection-disk-magazine/?p=3070048

I bought a working mega STe several months ago, and the floppy drive works. I haven't tried making disk images with it yet (I imaged my own ST stuff with an iMac many years ago), but assume I can.

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Just found this ad (MACE Journal v6n7, Aug 1986, which will be up on archive.org soon enough.)


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