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Looking for small pieces of asm source code for MADS suitable for begiiners

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Just to learn some basic stuff. How to do loops, if statements, simple graphics and sound and so on. Are there any good tutorials online?

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Planning yes, just me real life job doesn't allow for it since October. Right now my 16th hour at work and not even lunch so far...

From the "planned" list:


Part 11 - Display List
Part 12 - Vertical Blank Interrupt
Part XX - Soft Scrolling
Part XX - Advanced LMS, Visdom I
Part XX - Adapting programs for the Atari 5200
WUDSN IDE - Configuring Build Scripts
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Hi Jac!
I'm infinitely grateful to you.
I read different books but topics are not explained very well at 100% so coding an atari 8-bit is very frustrating.
Your tutorials are the best.

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