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Aluminum TIG Welded Arcade Cabinet with 25 inch CRT

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I've been absent from the forums for a while now, but I've still been working on projects.


I thought of a crazy idea when I bought a new flat screen 25 inch tri-mode CRT monitor and I knew a welder that was out of work. Build an aluminum arcade game cabinet of course!


Unlike traditional arcade cabinets that use heavy particle board as both structural components and covers, the aluminum arcade cabinet has an aluminum endoskeleton frame that provides all structural support with covers being just covers. This allows the side covers to be made of almost anything.


This arcade cabinet weighs about half what a traditional particle board arcade game cabinet weighs. Plus it's on wheels.


I still have much to do:

all wiring

add shelf for mounting arcade PCBs and electronics

add hinged door for access to electronics and PCBs

cut and mount remaining aluminum diamond plate side covers

mount stereo 2 way 4 x 6 speakers somewhere

buy, cut, and mount lexan sheet for the upper side / rear / top side covers.

Cut and mount a bezel surrounding the screen


add lighted box for adding marquee (optional)

add coin door (optional)


I'll keep updating the progress.






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Mounted stereo 4 x 6 speakers below the controls and the rear bracket for the shelf the Arcade game board will sit on.

I'm still working on the best way to secure the shelf in the front, since there is currently nothing to bolt in onto structurally.


I haven't had much time for this project. But I have been working on it and it will be done eventually!






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Finally, after many delays, I got my TIG welded aluminum arcade cabinet fully functional.


I am happy with that for now. This was a very ambitious project and quite expensive. Yep, taking a break from finishing this project for now. :)


It's got some cool features

Light weight TIG welded aluminum endoskeleton design.

25 inch flatscreen tri-mode RGB monitor.

2 way 4x6" stereo speakers with 20W stereo amp.

Supports JAMMA and Neo Geo JAMMA (with stereo sound).

Large wood shelf holds any JAMMA game I've tested, Primal Rage even fit!

Lighted insert coin, test, and service buttons hidden under control panel.

Monitor adjustment board mounted near front of the system for easy adjustement while looking at the screen.

HAPP 15A Arcade power supply plus a 5A 12v supply for the amplifier, fans, and LED lights.

Heavy duty caster wheels with locks.

It will eventually have a lockable door on the left side to access everthing inside.


The only things left to do are just cover up everything. The monitor looks kind of dangerous in the middle of a grounded aluminum cage without any protective covers.


So to finish this near-neverending project, I need to:


Cut diamond plate aluminum side panels for right side.

Cut diamond plate door with cam lock and mount to left side.

Cut thick plastic sheet panels to go around monitor and mount.

Design some sort of bezel to go around the monitor.


May have another update again next year. :)







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