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Clint Thompson

WTB: Atari Falcon, Atari 130XE, Atari STE, CD32, Misc Jaguar Goodies

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As the title suggests, I'm looking to quench some nostalgic lusts...


Looking for a loaded Falcon030 and/or C-Lab Falcon/CT60, a very nice condition 130XE (no yellowing), Atari STE (no yellowing), CD32 with games/etc and shoot me any offers on Jaguar dev goodies, notably an official Atari Flash cart or Skunk board. Also, if you have an ST Book that's collecting dust, drop me a line. I'm willing to pay upwards so I'm only really looking for extremely well cared for machines, though I may consider otherwise if the price is right and I can swap whatever is defected if something is wrong.


Send me a PM if you have anything... thanks :)



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