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Panic Restaurant NES MANUAL FS ,3DS Console, + Other GOODIES TOO!

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So, I really didn't want to sell this but medical bills are piling up and more tests are on the way so...here it is, my CIB Panic Restaurant! FOR SALE ONLY, sry no trades. I am selling on other sites fyi. First come first served. What u see is what u get. Shipping included in price in U.S. (priority w/ tracking)...Canada will be extra - no other countries, sry. SO...GAME AND BOX ARE SOLD!!! MANUAL UP FOR GRABS!! (please ask for more pics of anything)

*Manual $125 obo!


Also have these items too: (FREE Flat rate shipping priority no matter how many purchased in U.S.)


Cosmo Black 3ds Console (firmware 8.1.0-19U) inc. charger, stylus, NEW Paper Mario & free mystery game $120

Pokemon Silver CIB $40
Pokemon HeartGold CIB (from outer box to new/unwrapped pokewalker - may need new battery) $55
GBA Console CIB Platinum, believe (box,inserts) $35 SOLD
Zelda Minish Cap CIB $50
Super Mario Bros.Classic series GBA CIB $35
Mario Party 1 CIB w/ protector $50
Mario Party 3 CIB w/ protector $55

StarPath SuperCharger Adapter Atari 2600 $40

Marauder 2600 cart $35



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