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486 vs pentium dos computer

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Both programs worked great on the 486 (haven't tested on the P120 yet).


I tried AT-Slow on the Pentium yesterday. After disabling the cache, it didn't require much to slow it down, so I might try fine tuning the settings...but even slowing it down a tiny amount made it emit a high-pitched whine.


I think I'll just stick with the P120 for 386 era stuff, and use the 486 for anything older than that, since most of those games don't support sound cards anyway.

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Thanks for the memory. Until you said this, I forgot how much fun I had with a 486 DX2/66. I've since forgotten how to edit AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. Refresher course, anyone? :)



Edit: Remember the rare 486 DX-50? (NOT the DX2/50) This was one of the last processors where "bus speed" and "processor speed" were the same thing. Unless I'm mistaken.

I had one of those. I paid like 450 dollars for I think 1 meg of ram (4 256k simms/ sipps?) and a motherboard with a Cyrix 486 DX-50 running at the full 50mhz for both bus and processor. Most unreliable piece of crap computer I ever owned but when it ran, it ran decently compared to my buddy's DX2-66. I still have the chip I believe.

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