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Fibro's Freakishly large FS list of games, lots 'o systems!

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Shipping is included in prices below to all of U.S. and will include tracking as well. I will ship to Canada for an additional fee. Any questions or pics wanted, please ask prior to buying. All games are complete in box unless specified. I WILL MAKE BUNDLES :-o


*psvita* (ALL $20)
Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars
Curse of the Great Curry God SOLD
Soul Sacrifice cart only ($15)
Ys: Memories of Celceta


The Legend of Heroes II: Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch (no manual) $18
Class of Heroes UMD $15
Harvest Moon Boy & Girl (umd in printed case) $20
Darkstalkers Chronicle: Chaos Tower (NEW) $20


*gba* *gbc* etc.
Pokémon Ruby cart (saves but dry battery so time based events do not occur) $15
Sigma Star Saga (NEW) $18
Zelda: Minish Cap CIB $60
Super Mario Bros. (Classic Series) GBA CIB $30



Marauder cart only $50

Starpath Supercharger $30



Double Dash $30

Smash Melee (disc) $40

Metal gear solid: twin snakes $40

Pokémon xd $30

Windwaker $30

pokemon colosseum $25

pokemon colosseum bonus disc (yes, cib) $30

RE 3: Nemesis $32



Shining Force cart & manual only $30

Shining Force II cart only $22

Zombies Ate My Neighbors $30



Conker's Bad Fur Day BOX & MANUAL ONLY (no cart) $50

Smash Bros. cart $50

Pokémon Stadium 2 cart $28


Pokémon Heartgold (complete, BigBox- from outerbox to new/wrapped pokewalker (may need a new battery though) $55 SOLD



Princess Tomato (CIB - minty) $195

Jackie Chan CIB vg $80

Mario's Time Machine BOX & MANUAL ONLY (VG+) $35 SOLD



MegaMan X2 CIB $175


DKC 3 cart $16

Super Nintendo (console, controller, new hookups, 1 free mystery game) $50 shipped



Call of Duty Ghosts - Hardened Ed. (NEW/SEALED) $46

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