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Asteroids Upright Odd Display Problem

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I recently purchased a non-working asteroids unit (serial # 28,XXX) from craigslist. Below is a brief detail of the unit:

-Asteroids Rev -04 board
-Monitor is a G05-802
-A/R I board

As you can see in the attached pictures, there is a weird ripple in the test pattern and it is noticeable when playing as well.


Also here are the 0-scope shots: http://imgur.com/a/15LpC ... The Y signal has an odd spot that doesn't match the manual (circled in red)

I have replaced/checked the following so far:

-Checked all fuses in unit, all are good.
-Checked voltages from Power Brick. All checked good.
-Checked unregulated input (~ 10-13 volts) and regulated 5V output (~5.10 V) on A/R I board.
-Replaced caps on HV unit, Deflection Board, Main PCB, A/R I, Big Blue
-Checked all diodes and transistors on Deflection and HV boards, all test good.
-Checked bottle cap transistors mounted to chassis. All check good. Made sure all were NOT shorted to case.
-Quickly checked all connectors and all seem to visually look intact. Re-flowed solder to all connectors on Deflection and HV board.
-Replaced R100 and R101 on deflection board with 18 AWG wire.

-Checked X and Y signal from game PWB with O-scope and the ripple is present so I believe the problem is from the PWB.


Does anyone know what this ripple can be caused from on the game PWB?




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