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Bath Blast [DONE]

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This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)


post-13304-0-07247800-1414753054_thumb.png post-13304-0-97323300-1414753068_thumb.png

bathblast.bin bathblast.bas


It's a simple shooter leaning heavily on a risk/reward mechanic. Basically, if you shoot the lettuce leaf the insects point value increases. Although the reward is greater your player becomes longer (increasing your hit box as it were). A safer route to a high score is by capturing hot dogs and hamburgers. If a stray missile hits any food some points are deducted.



Set either difficulty switch to PRO for a faster game experience. Reset switch will reset game. At the title screen the current high score is displayed. Press FIRE at the title screen to begin game.


You are a magical flying poo stick! Press FIRE to launch an all organic torpedo. Move using the joystick. Game speed will increase with time. Colliding with the ant, fly or lettuce will deduct a life. When all 6 lives are gone the game is over. Below is a description of each object you can interact with.


FLY or ANT Colliding with this will deduct a life and shorten you. Earn points by destroying it with a torpedo. The longer you are the higher the points!


HOTDOG or HAMBURGER Collide with this for points! If you have around 100 points or more score will be deducted if you shoot it.

LETTUCE LEAF Colliding with this will deduct a life and shorten you. Shoot it to gain points and lengthen your poo stick!




* 4 way scrolling

* Player "sprite" made up of a ball and missile and shaped through shifting positions per frame.

* The checkerboard pattern on the floor tiles looks like no_blank_lines was used.. but it's not :)

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That is fun! :)

It is best (IMO) to have at least one difficulty switch on.

Now I know what it is like to be a magical flying poo stick.

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Yeah. allgamers.fr is ON TOP OF IT when it comes to homebrew. Horeus is actually a member here and is quick with any corrections. Damn good site and I don't read a lick of French :)

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