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A year ago...

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Jag rules! Or Jag roars!


Cheers, Urs


http://www.qlis30.org.uk - Sinclair QL 30th anniversary 2014!



Sinclair, QL, ATARI, JAGUAR, NUON, APPLE & more...

Ever wondered what QLvsJAGUAR is about? http://www.qlvsjaguar.homepage.bluewin.ch/QLvsJAGUAR.html

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For those that don't know, it would be nice if you were to explain yourself a little more. What is QLvs Jaguar? QL fanboyism - if so your in the wrong place. Why do I have have to follow all your links to find out, I suggest its so you can get hits at all these links ao you can make money on the site hits. Don't like my presumption? then explain yourself for those who don't know so I don't have click all over the net to find out what all this is about.

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Definitely a lot of cool stuff! I see you have the Skunk Board too... I bought one, but haven't used it yet.

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Hi again,

in a nutshell: I’m a Swiss Jag enthusiast and collector since 1995 who tries to combine other hobbies such as travelling, music, science fiction, air & space, photography and video with Retro Computing & Video Gaming. All my Retro Computing & Video Gaming activities are without any commercial interest. My QLvsJAGUAR YouTube channel is not commercialized.

As History and Sci-Fi are two of my other hobbies, here’s another one under the topic “Today, a year ago…”:



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