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NESHD - a 1080p HDMI mod kit!

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There was a vrc7 mapper released for the NES Everdrive. This means Lagrange Point can be played!
I had some trouble getting a couple of the roms to work, english translation worked 2 times and not once since...
The hi-def nes kit shines here as it's the only way to get the expansion audio to work since the kit generates it internally, no need for the exp audio part of the mapper pack to work, which currently does not.
It was also my first attempt at audio capture via line out or headphone jack of the projector and tv, neither work very well.
Can anybody recommend a good hdmi 1080p capture card?

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Kevtris posted an update to the hi-def's firmware, only 30-40 consoles are out there right now so this mostly just applies to them:


Weeeelllll, here it is. I received the everdrive yesterday and loaded V12? firmware onto it (the version before the "fix" for the HDMI adapter). Thinking this was going to be a "worst case" test. It worked perfectly with the games I tested- I tested about 6 or 7 different mappers and all is well. Reset even worked properly. Before, the error messages wouldn't show up properly but they do now (i.e. no SD card).


FDS is working properly now, and so do MMC5 games (i.e. reset works there too, and no need to use a game genie). I sent it out to a couple people and they could apply it properly, though one person has problems.


He was using a powerpak, and his MMC3 file was different than mine- I think he has the savestate mappers. This caused the update to not work. It reported a data corrupt error and refused to flash the firmware. I gave him my mapper 4 file direct off the CF card on my powerpak and then he got it to work properly.


I don't know anything about the save state mapper, but I assume it cannot load 512K PRG ROMs, because it uses some of the RAM for the savestate part? I could be totally wrong but that's just my first guess.


It works on some everdrives, but some people had issues.


Anyways, here is the update:




To use it, load this ROM on a flash cart (or burn EPROMs? hehe), run it and then get into the Hi Def menu, select "save and update", then "update firmware", and follow the on screen prompts. It will check the update for integrity, and then flash it if it passes the check. Cycle power and it will use the new firmware.

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I have not looked yet but how much do the installers charge to do this to a frontloader ??

I would expect it not to be more than $50 for either top loader or front.

Not cheap. They were selling premodded Toasters for $399 USD last time I checked. It's been a while though.

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I'm interested in this... Currently wondering if the RetroUSB HDMI console seems a worthy alternate. It's a whole new console that can play NES games perfectly... No need to mod the NES.


But I like the idea of using the original hardware. I'm not sure I trust myself to do such a complex install. The price of outright buying a high def NESscared me at first, mainly since I live in Canada and the shipping plus exchange rate would not be nice to me... Buuuut if all caps have been replaced and the install done by experts... It's very tempting since this gives new life to the NES.


Maybe get both this and the Retro USB. Haha.

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I have released update 3.00 beta for the hi def tonight. This addresses all of the known issues people had with it, and adds 4 new palettes. from my post on nesdev...






* Audio DC level restoration to fix some monitors that'd be silent or have other weird audio volume issues.
* FDS channel redone to be hopefully more accurate.
* DPCM fixed to allow retriggering.
* Address bus filtering fixed so that graphical/palette glitches should be a thing of the past.
* PAL pixel capturing fixed.
* 4 new palettes added.
* Removed interpolation and associated menu. I needed the logic gates in the FPGA to fix the other things.

I tested 5 sets of PAL chips- 1 set always worked, but the other 4 had minor to very severe "speckling". These are all working perfectly now.
I tested 3 sets of "laser H rev" parts as found in the newest AV famicoms (I think) and they are all working perfect now as well.

This should fix all the problems people had I hope.

This update is a beta because I am not 100% sure I didn't break something else relating to DPCM, so if I did please let me know.

The four new palettes are:

Firebrand X NTSC
Firebrand X PVM D93

The original 4 palettes are still in there of course.

Hope that's enough because this thing is fulllllllll up. There is absolutely no room left anywhere. I have scavenged it all. btw,
the xray mode is "free" so it doesn't use any logic elements. It's the internal decisions being made about the HQX stuff. It's basically detecting edges.

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