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Intellivision Flashback IntelliVoice volume too low

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One buglet that I've noticed with the Intellivision Flashback console... the volume of the IntelliVoice games/module seems to be WAY TOO LOW, compared to the other normal InTV sound effects for the IntelliVoice games.

Is there any 'super-dooper-secret' menu that can be accessed to adjust the volume of the sysnthesized IntelliVoice sound effects (akin to the "Titan ROM Test" menu that can be accessed on the console)?

Or, maybe a user hardware modification that could accomplish the same thing (note that I'm fully aware that would void the warranty)?

The volume of those Intellivoice sound effects are just WAY TOO LOW!

FYI (the "Titan ROM Test" menu):


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No secret config menu that I know of.


I personally have provided detailed feedback to Intellivision Productions about the Flashback, and that detail (among many others) was included. (I had plenty to say about the Intellivoice emulation.)

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Thanks for the info :)

I myself spoke with K. Robinson on the phone this morning, and he told me that someone had already told them about the low-volume problem... that person just might have been you :)

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