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New Retro Game Shop Open In Sydney

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Hey Guys,

I have just started a new Game Shop in Sydney called Nerdlandia Games (named after my youtube show). The motto here is to sell Retro games at the right prices. Not reseller prices, not ebay prices (though I do sell on ebay as well but just for less than everyone else) the right prices.

See we are gamers first so giving games a good home means more than over charging someone for a title. We have everything in stock from Dreamcast, N64, NES, Gamecube, Mega Drive, Master System, SNES even have a couple of Atari Lynx games in stock :). Loose carts, boxed average games, boxed perfect games, rare games something for every level of collector or gamer.

A sample of some prices below (please keep in mind we have hundreds of items in stock at anytime):

Mega Drive consoles (with 1 loose game) $80
N64 Console (with 2 loose games) perfect joystick on controller $110
Donkey Kong 64 Special Edition Yellow Cartridge Boxed and Complete (no exp pack) perfect condition $100
Goldeneye Boxed and complete (average copy) $40 (perfect copy) $60
Madden 99 64 loose $5
South Park loose $20
Blue Shadow for NES cart only (make an offer extremely rare pal a game).
B.C Kid (Bonks Adventure) SNES cart only $30 (rare)
Bart VS The Space Mutants NES boxed and complete $60
Blaster Master loose $20
Trojan NES loose $15
Baseball Gameboy boxed and complete perfect copy $10
Micro Machines Gamesboy boxed and complete perfect copy $25
Tetris loose $5
Wave Race Blue Storm Gamecube boxed and complete $30
Rogue Ops Gamecube (uncommon title) CIB $35
Ecco The Dolphin Dreamcast Perfect Copy RARE $75
Phantasy Star Online Dreamcast perfect copy $50
Soul Calibur Dreamcast CIB $20

Again this is just a small sample of what we have in stock. Also very nice boxed and complete Mega Drive two with original instructions and even the plastic baggies for everything but the console for $120. A near new Gamboy Pocket Silver boxed and complete with instructions plus two bonus games and wall charger for $100. So much more.

Ok so how do you get in touch with me ??? If your in Sydney we have a showroom in Parramatta open 7 Days a week by appointment contact Ric on 0431 139 692. For everyone else check my Ebay store (rocksstar2010) I update it 3 times a week with new items from loose to boxed and complete. I have 100% feedback and ship everything ultra securely (again gamer first seller second).

Finally you can also check out our Game collecting vodcast latest episode here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OVE-TPPl_4

Ric The Real Stooge
Nerdlandia Games


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