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Tubular! (WIP)

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I've been playing around this weekend with a simple game for 2600 loosely inspired by "Toobin'". So far I've got the basic controls and player sprite working + a basic scrolling playfield. No collision or other game logic just yet.


This is my first time making a flickering kernel, which I used in order to get 2 colors on the player sprite (and since it rotates I can't just pick a color per scanline). I'm pretty happy with how it looks and moves so far.


Controls are:

Joystick LEFT: paddle with left hand (turns player slowly)

Joystick RIGHT: paddle with right hand (turns player slowly)

Joystick UP / Fire Button : paddle with both hands (accelerates player forward)


One unfortunate limitation right now is that I'm using the "ball" for the inner tube, so the ground color and the inner tube must share a color at the moment. I'm saving the other player graphic for obstacles/pickups (hopefully).




post-40857-0-87277800-1418541689_thumb.png post-40857-0-78329000-1418541696_thumb.png





Binary download:


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