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Jaguar Cybermorph for the 2600

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I love my Jag. I also have a very dry, sense of humor.


With that said, I have managed to divide the Jaguar Cybermorph code by 8 to make it 8-bit, essentially making it run on the 8-bit 2600. Sure the 5200 or 7800 would be a little more polished, but I really wanted to push my old woodgrain system


Here's the link to Cybermorph26K


Make sure to avoid the ground!



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Okay, two things:

  1. Great job on Skylar's lip animations. I legit think they are more accurate than the Jaguar version.
  2. Your ship morphs! It's really important cause it puts the "morph" into "Cybermorph".

Nailed it!


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If anyone should so feel inclined, I would love to see a vid of this up and running, as I don't have a 2600 personally... :(


I played it on Stella to be honest. Very easy.

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