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animation problem

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Hi Guys

i want to make a simple slotmachine......First i tried to overlay 2 sprites and added Animation......

But when starting,no Animation appeared.What am i doing wrong?

I added the file below

greetings Walter


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I see a number of potential problems:


1. The structure of your code is a bit strange. You're declaring the sprite data after it's being used, for instance. That's a bit unusual, though I don't know if it will actually cause problems. Also, you have a clearscreen as the last command, but no drawscreen.


2. There is no loop. I suspect that things seem to be working only because your game reaches the end of the cartridge, then resets.


3. You're using two plotsprites, when you really only want one (if I understand correctly). I assume that you're trying to flicker between the joker and a number 7, correct?


If 3 is correct and that's what you're trying to do, try this instead:

 displaymode 320A
 set doublewide on
 rem **background color...

 rem **set the height of characters and sprites...
 set zoneheight 8

 rem **import the characterset png...
 incgraphic atascii.png 320A 

 rem **set color of 320A text palette 0...

 rem **set the current character set...
 characterset atascii

 rem **set the letters represent each graphic character...
 alphachars ASCII
 dim frame=j
 dim animation=l
 incgraphic seven.png 320A
 incgraphic joker.png 320A 
 plotsprite seven 0 10 11 animation
 goto __Main_Loop



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Hi Cyber

great.....works fine

It would be great,if i could make some Kind of slotmachine........out of this.

Sure,i am able to add more symbols.....but with programming,i have my Problems.

I am a totally novice :(

greetings Walter

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