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FS: Atari Jaguar games and many SNES cartridges

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I am selling some items from my collection that I find myself not really playing at all.

Everything is cart only, except for Skyhammer which is CIB with manual. Payment is via paypal only. I would prefer selling to people located in the US. Please PM me if there are game(s) you are interested in so I can see if I have an appropriate sized box ;) and try to figure out cost of shipping.

Atari Jaguar

Super Burnout 24
Skyhammer 78


contra iii 38
turtles iv 52
super mario rpg legend of seven stars 50
castlevania iv 40
shadowrun 42

illusion of gaia 20

actraiser 20
battle toads double dragon 25
teenage mutant ninja turtles tournament fighters 20
mighty morphin power rangers the movie 25
robocop vs terminator 10
imperium 15
super nova 12
the simpsons: barts nightmare 12
UN squadron 15
separation anxiety 15
gradius 3 10
alien vs predator 18
phalanx 12
batman returns 13
jim power, lost dimension in 3d 5
robocop 3 7
animaniacs 8
toy story 7
ultraman 5
primal rage 7
super r type 7
darius twin 7







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