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Colecovision and flashback controller difference

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I thought i saw a discussion on this but doing a search brings up nothing. As far as pinouts and circuits what are the differences. I wanted to make a splitter for a colecovision flashback controller and an atari joystick. I thought i had seen somewhere that the flashback coleco had a chip in the controller. Any help is appreciated. And i apologize as im sure there is another topic on it.

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Here are some pics of mine from my experiments (there is no chip in the flashback controller :) ). I was able to breadboard a controller to work. Keep in mind that the directional inputs need 1k resistance on each input.


Looking at the original coleco controller, you see tons of diodes and only 7 of the 9 ports being used in the plug. the flashback uses all 9 ports in the plug. the original coleco controller encoded the keyboard inputs in the controller then passed them out on the 7 pins to the coleco. The Flashback uses 9 pins to encoded the keyboard which is one of the major reasons the flashback controllers are not backwards compatible nor can a original controller plugged into the flashback.


I have considered on making a controller for my flashback, but dont really see the point. rather make one for my original colecovision and/or put a usb out on it for any emulator I want to use on the PC for the colecovision and such :)




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