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Thank you very much. I didn't expect the victim to just stand there with his trousers round his knees though! Too cool. :)


Slightly more seriously though, would it be possible to mix up the 'ouch' sound a bit? Even just a slight change in pitch now and again would help a lot. :)

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Glad you enjoyed it. I've found that small simple games work best for the Atari 2600. So I'll be focusing on minigames. If you like this one I'm sure you'll love my next game that'll be released tomorrow:

Pro Football 1770! Where you star as Abraham Lincoln, playing football with your best friend: Abraham Lincoln. Abraham throws the football too Abraham and you have too kick it, if you miss 3 times you get boo'd.


Based on Pro Football 1861 "cough"

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If I could make carts I'd gladly provide them, but I can't =/

They could be made by the AtariAge store...just a thought!

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