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Intellivision contest

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trying not to give Rev an opening, because it's really hard. Though he would probably just slip one in and go all day.)

you left yourself all kinds of open in this part to be made the butt of a joke! :lol:

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if you agree to pay for shipping, but there are many commons in there. So box is heavy and high shipping costs might not make it worth it if you win. Please confirm you really want to enter contest.


seems like everybody joins in here


you got a slight idea how high the shipping costs to "heidi & peter" would be?


probably you can hand it out to Lindsey Vonn, when she's the next time around here.


for such a occasion i would even rent me a pair of ski to see if i can't match up with her.


select mass of box from table below:

1: 1 lb (.4 kg) $30 $35 $40 2: 5 lb (2.3 kg) $50 $59 $50 3: 10 lb (4.5 kg) $79 $80 $63 4: 30 lb (14 kg) $144 $145 $112 5: 70 lb (32 kg) $223 $266 $245 6: 150 lb (69 kg) $426 $517 $478


would be class 4 i assume, quite expensive, but well i have some spare money, not much, but this it will cover.


Just by looking briefly at it, some of the cartridges in this box was NEVER available here.

$144 seem maybe much, but...


Do you now what a "Lucky System" is? (i know it now, never heard that before)




but most of all i would like to know

"Synsonic Drums"???



but the chances that i win in a sort of lottery?

= 0


Dharma, what can one do?

Edited by Gernot

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I feel violated reading these posts and I didn't even get entered... LOL

You need a shower and a cigar after this thread for sure.

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