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TG-16 Season 5 Round 3: Salamander

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TG-16 Season 5 Round 3 : Salamander




Settings: Beginner

ROM: zip.gif Salamander (J).rar

Manual: pdf.gif sal.pdf (Japanese)

Round Ends: Feb 8th Midnight Pacific Time

Standard HSC Rules: No continues..codes or cheats.

Pic are not required but requested.



1. DonPedro - 743,400 [25]


2. darthkur - 656,700 [24]


3. coleco1981 - 609,600 [23]


4. Battra92 - 414,400 [22]


5. S.BAZ - 161,200 [21]


6. Nikon - 155,600 [20]


7. roadrunner - 116,500 [19]


8. jblenkle - 109,000 [18]


9. LidLikesIntellivision - 104,300 [17]


1. coleco1981 [71] (3) (1)

2. DonPedro [69] (3) (2)

3. NIKON [66] (3)

4. LidLikesIntellevision [60] (3)

5. roadrunner [59] (3)

6. darthkur [47] (2)

7. Battra92 [46] (2)

8. jblenkle [36] (2)

9. jibbajaba [22] (1)

* [1] Points

(1) Rounds Played

{1}Rounds Won

Edited by NIKON
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Not a fan of this particular shoot em up. Too much emphasis on avoiding obstacles. The spot at which I died is simply infuriating.


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I was playing around with twitch and actually did a live broadcast of the game. I used a dazzle+evercart+tg16, love it! I took the highlight of the game and exported it to youtube here:


Edited by coleco1981

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Salamander is all about memorization. The sad thing is, that it really kills a lot of the fun of it. The vertical levels are much more fun. Too bad I always use up my lived before getting there. :-P


I also really hate the enemy in Level 2 which causes the whole screen to flash. Seizure alert!

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I was just going to ask about it. Will have few more attempts right now.


There's one more thing. When I was apparently listed twice on leaderboard, I think you listed LidLikesIntellivision as me. He played all rounds and now he's not on leaderboard at all

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currently in recording studio I will fix everything later tonight...note to self..only admin this thread at home...sheesh...sorry about the mix up guys.

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