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Scott Adams Adventures via Twitter

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I was taking a look at Ghost Town, again, the first Scott Adams Adventure I had, which I bought in 1984. I noticed that all of the game's responses are way less than 160 characters in size.


So, here's an idea, if you ran an interpreter for such a game on a web server, you could fold it into Twitter, and have an interactive text adventure running between a Twitter account and a player. At first, I thought it would simply respond to any command sent directly to it, but then it occurred to me that you could have multiple games going on at once, with the Twitter account responding to individual players, e.g. "@briantw I'm in a barbershop. Visible items are..." Then, you could play your text adventure whenever you felt like it, and games could be played by an unlimited number of players, over weeks or months, without ever having to SAVE GAME :)


I've noticed that Scott tends to be generous in allowing his games to be offered up online, as well, so I'm hopeful that he'd give permission for such an endeavour.


Does anyone know of some good source code for a simple text-based interpreter for these games? I'd like to take a loot at that.

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How do you make a web page running on your web server communicate with the Twitter back-end? I'd be interested to see how that works!

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I don't do Twitter, but that is probably one of the best potential uses of the site I've ever heard.


Brilliant idea.

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