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"New" 5200 Trakball not working - help?!

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Hoping some one can help me get my "New" 5200 trakball working right. I just got it in the mail from eBay. It says it is new, out of box, and it appear to be new, still has the plastic on the metal plate and no signs of wear.


When I plugged it in the first time, using centipede, the character automatically went all the way to the right and would not move. I took it appart, and tied to clear any dust that could be on the sensors where the wheel spins. It was very clean inside too, but it did get the left and right axis working. Now it will sometimes travel up, but not back down.


I have tapped the up/down sensor an sometimes it will go up, sometimes it won't. Wondering if anyone know what is wrong and how to fix it?



It was packaged pretty poorly (in a shoe box with one piece of bubble wrap placed on top) and may have taken some hard knocks in shipping.

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Just got mine this week from an ebay seller advertising that it was "New unused in box" but had a substantial amount of dirt and dust on it. I took it apart and thoroughly cleaned it blowing out the dust with a can of air first, then alcohol wipes. Next I cleaned the trackball bearings and rollers with Never Dull metal polish and lubed the bearings with a few drops of 3-in-1 oil. Put it back together and wiped the console down with Armor All protective wipes. Now it looks and plays good as new. There's a complete tear-down and cleaning guide in the "Trakball Help" thread.

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