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Atari 8-bit Software Preservation Initiative

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20 minutes ago, rcamp48 said:

Today I am going to go through my set of 250 floppy disks and just see what there is there , who knows there may be a gem in there somewhere. Also I have a 10 MB file full of Atari MUS files , don't know where I got it , I found it somewhere in my browsing and cannot find it again, if it is worth posting I will put a link up for it. These are all of the BBS Music files from the 80s. Here is the link, there are enough Mus files to make it worthwhile:


BBS Music Files from the 80s in one zip file





PS: Farb: I do not know if these are somewhere in the archives , but there are a lot of BBS music file in this zip file.

rcamp48. I don't believe your last two posts fall into the scope of the topic, which is for preserving original commercial floppy's.  Please keep these to your's or other relevant topics.

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18 hours ago, Farb said:

They have already slowly been making their way onto the website. When it will all be finished, I cannot say. I interleave that work along with all the other things that need to be done.

So far I've only seen thumbnails, is there somewhere to see the full resolution versions?


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You must be logged in to see the full resolution versions and they are only present on the release pages.

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Here's my humble contribution to this awesome project.  I downloaded the July archive and did not see this in there.  This is the disk version of Close Assault.  I did see the tape version in the archive.

Also, not sure if any others have had this happen, but trying to download the 2G archive within Chrome always gave me a truncated file (around 600M).  Was able to wget it on my Linux box.  Just an FYI.


I haven't done this in quite a while so I've attached the .scp (zipped).  I will have to figure out how to convert to an atr file.



EDIT: deleted attachment, seems to not work after converting to .atx w/ a8rawconf.  Will work on this some more.


Edited by telengard
Removed non-working image, sorry about that.

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