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Simple TMS9995 System PCBs

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I've got six PCBs available for my simple TMS9995 system, if they're of interest to anyone. £15.00 (£ UK) each plus postage to you. Full details of the system here: http://www.avjd51.dsl.pipex.com/tms9995_breadboard/tms9995_breadboard.htm.




If you want, I can also supply the following for five of these boards:


-- crystal, all capacitors and resistors, LED, all IC sockets, reset switch, D-type connector (expansion connector not included) - additional £6.50

-- ICs - 74LS138, 74LS32, 74LS04, MAX232CPE - additional £7.50

-- 62256 RAM - £2.00

-- programmed EPROM - system monitor plus either BASIC or Forth - £5.00 each (the EPROM images are available on my website above if you want to supply and program your own)


Genuine, used but guaranteed-working-on-delivery TMS9995 processors are currently available on eBay UK for £13.00 plus postage. [http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/381142574634] (There are also some available for £11.50 - they look genuine from the photo, but there are no details about where they're from, or if the photo is of the actual item.)


Cheap TMS9902 devices are available on Ebay from Chinese suppliers. These are almost certainly 'remanufactured' but I've got a couple of them and they seem to work OK. I can supply one of these that has been tested for a few hours for an additional £2.00. But no guarantee if it works for a week then breaks!


You need to sort out your own power connector. Personally, I got a USB to 3.5mm DC power plug cable from Ebay, and use a matching connector on the PCB, as shown in the photo.


If you're interested, send me a PM. Bare PCBs I can send off next week. If you're after some of the additional bits, I've already got most of them to hand, but may need a week to get together a couple of remaining bits.





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