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Atari Party 2015 in Northern California

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I'm hosting my annual "Atari Party", once again back in Davis, California (near Sacramento; about 1-2hr east of the greater San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley):


Saturday, May 2nd, 12pm-5pm

Yolo County Public Library, "Mary L Stephens" Davis Branch

315 East 14th Street

Davis, CA 95616


Main website: http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/atariparty/2015/
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/AtariPartyDavis

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1549017432027616


We've got about 40 systems lined up to come, including Atari 2600s, 5200s, 7800s, 8-bit computers, ST/TT/Falcons, Lynxes, and Jaguars, as well as other systems running Atari video games, including Colecovision, Nintendo NES & GameBoy Advance, Sega Genesis, Sony PlayStation & PS2, and a Rasbperry Pi.


Among the exhibitors volunteering you may recognize some of the names: Sal "kjmann" Esquivel (Atlantis Games Group), Rob McMullen (Player/Missile Podcast), Dan "The Trak-Ball Man" Kramer, Bob "bob1200xl" Woolley, and yours truly.


There'll also be a free prize drawing, thanks to numerous sponsors (including Eight Bit Fix, No Starch Press, Rob McMullen, Sal Esquivel, Kevin Savetz, the Digital Game Museum, and more). We've got a bunch of books, some t-shirts, a complete "heavy sixer" VCS/2600 with games, Atari joystick USB adapters, an Atari ST Component Video adapter, a copy of Space Harrier for the 8-bit, and a Raspberry Pi computer!


If you're near the area, please drop by and have some fun! Also, I'd love help spreading to word; attached to this post is a PDF of this year's flyer!ap2015flyer_20150217.pdf


Note: This event is non-commercial, and no sales/trading will occur. It is not endorsed or sponsored by the Yolo County Public Library.

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By the way, we're looking for volunteers to help run the show, and would benefit from loaner TVs during the event. (Many folks, like me, have many more systems than TVs, so it's impossible to set them all up at once without help :) ) See the "Volunteer" section of the website for details!

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Also, right after announcing this year's Atari Party, the organizers of the Sacramento chapter of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) invited me to hold a "mini Atari Party" at an annual event of their's, the "Sacramento Indie Arcade", a few weeks earlier.


It'll be Saturday, April 11th at The Colony in Sacramento, from 10am-5pm. I put together a small page with all of the relevant links to their site, Meetup page, EventBrite listing, etc.: http://newbreedsoftware.com/atariparty/2015-igdasac/


That event's a bit bigger than my Atari Party, with tournaments, guest speakers, etc. General admission is $10; kids (12 & under) are free; students (ID required) is $7. FYI, I'll probably just be bringing a 7800 or FlashBack, an Atari XL, a Jaguar, and a Lynx.

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Just a reminder! Sac IGDA's "Indie Arcade" is less than a week away, and my Atari Party (and my 40th birthday, a few days later(!)) is less than a month away! :) Hope to see some AA folks there! Drop by and say "hi"!

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