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Season 4 - The New HSC - Week 8 = Superman

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~ WEEK 8~


CLARIFICATION: No use of CHEATS, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that gives you an unfair advantage in this HSC. Please assume you have to follow the game difficulty and mode for the playing week/s. There cannot be any game enhancements or favorite settings to play in the 2600 HSC, unless you are given authorization to do so by your humble yet strict MODERATORS! Jacob/BAZ.




Released By: Atari, 1978

Left Difficulty: A (wandering Lois Lane)

Right Difficulty: B (slow villains)

Game Mode: Default (game select switch is used to pause game)


The HSC High Score for Superman: Difficulty setting (A/B) has not been played!





Post your scores right here in this thread, and we will add them to the list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else.

The deadline for posting scores is Midnight (EST) the evening of March 15th, 2015



~ be sure to read the manual for this one if you have not played ! ~

~ have fun !! ~








Looter Bonus: It's tough being Superman. All that strength & super-power, flying, rescuing... X-ray vision!??


Take a relaxing break. Wander around as a helpless, terrified plunderer in Haunted House. Make it out of the house alive with the Graves' family heirloom for a special bonus!

playing Game 1: (+1)

playing Game 5: (+2)

playing Game 9: (+3)


only 1 of these will be available, so if you post multiple scores for Haunted House, only the best score for the hardest level played will count.


Master Plunderer: the best score for each level will also get an additional (+1) bonus!


:arrow: for a total of 4 possible bonus points this week.


Scoring: for this week's bonus, your score will be the number of matches used MINUS the number of lives remaining, at the end of the game (when you escape with the urn). The lower your score, the better!










Superman High Scores

(Scoring is +1 point for last place and up from there)

(Top score this week will be the lowest time in minutes & seconds)

(if you do not finish the game, you will qualify for last place with a time of 100:00 -- ROLLAGE!)

(mentioning you played the game will be sufficient to prove ROLLAGE!)



1. 0:53 Northcoastgamer (+21) (+4)

2. 1:08 RJ (+19) (+3)

1:08 classicgamer_27330 (+19)

4. 1:19 StanJr (+18) (+3)

5. 1:20 SpaceyInvader (+17) (+3)

6. 1:27 voodoo_chilly (+16) (+2)

7. 1:35 S.BAZ (+15) (+1)

8. 2:14 darthkur (+13) (+2)

2:14 JacobZu7zu7 (+13)

10. 2:39 Gorfy (+12) (+3)

11. 2:40 LidLikesIntellivision (+11)

12. 2:48 ReflectionAngle (+10)

13. 2:55 karokoenig (+9) (+1)

14. 4:02 Cafeman (+8 )

15. 4:49 Hyperboy (+7) (+1)

16. 5:10 LarcenTyler (+6)

17. 5:45 SpiceWare (+5)

18. 8:29 GornThrifting (+4)

19. 10:18 Dauber (+3)

20. 14:46 Mister-VCS (+2)

21. 100:00 jblenkle (+1)

-- roadrunner (+0) (+1)








Game 1

-7 darthkur [2 matches; 9 lives] (+1) (+1)

-6 roadrunner [3 matches; 9 lives] (+1)

-3 Hyperboy [4 matches; 7 lives (+1)

+1 karokoenig [8 matches; 7 lives] (+1)

+6 S.BAZ [14 matches; 8 lives] (+1)



Game 5

+5 RJ [8 matches; 3 lives] (+2) (+1)

+38 voodoo_chilly [40 matches; 2 lives] (+2)



Game 9

-6 Northcoastgamer [2 matches; 8 lives] (+3) (+1)

-4 StanJr [3 matches; 7 lives] (+3)

+5 SpaceyInvader [11 matches; 6 lives] (+3)

+8 Gorfy [11 matches; 3 lives] (+3)











Overall Standings Through Round 7 (Sky Skipper)

Top 24 make the Bracket Challenge at the end of the season!

The bracket winners get to choose games for next season :thumbsup:



1. Northcoastgamer 237

2. S.BAZ 220

3. StanJr 215

voodoo_chilly 215

5. oyamafamily 191

6. JacobZu7zu7 169

7. Dauber 168

KaeruYojimbo 168

9. karokoenig 156

10. Nathan Strum 155

11. darthkur 153

12. SpiceWare 149

13. Gorfy 144

14. CaptainClassic 121

15. DT Kofoed 120

16. skosh 112

17. adri_o 111

18. Scrabbler15 109

19. SIO2 100

LidLikesIntellivision 100

22. Hyperboy 91

21. Spacey Invader 90

Mister-VCS 90

24. GornThrifting 87

25. keilbaca 84

26. Fallout_002 79

ReflectionAngle 79

28. classicgamer_27330 78

29. Zeptari1 61

30. RJ 57

31. Tony The 2600 53

32. NIKON 51

33. roadrunner 49

Wickeycolumbus 48

35. centiqueen81 46

36. jblenkle 40

37. Cafeman 37

38. LarcenTyler 35

39. Botbird208 24

40. gamerguy99 20

41. Brian C 15

42. lodger 12

43. Ry guy 6

SuperFreddie 6

45. Dan Iacovelli 2












NEW SEASON ~ The NEW High Score Club Season 4:

# number symbol represents total games for each week/s theme.


up next:

(2) Medal Winners
(2) Player Picks
(2) Moderator Picks
(2) Player Picks
(2) Homebrews
(2) Paddle Weeks
(3) Never Been Played
(2) Moderator Picks
(2) Player Picks
(3) Double Points - Beat the Leader Weeks
(After Season) Bracket Tourney [4 Weeks]







There CAN be special weeks ! That will include several games.

Overall the NEW High Score Club Season 4 will last (LIKELY) THROUGH SEPTEMBER 2015.

Bracket Challenge to follow. TOP 24 make the Bracket Challenge!

Edited by S.BAZ
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This time I will NOT participate, because Superman is one of 2600 games which I DON'T enjoy. I will wait my great moment - a game which I chose as a Silver Medalist.


But I will provide a link for those who need help to get better on Superman, and are not familiar.


SUPERMAN MAPS - http://atariage.com/2600/archives/strategy_supermap.html?SystemID=2600

Edited by oyamafamily
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oyama! Come on! You gotta at least post a token score of some kind. It's not the same without you!

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1m 8s

Hopefully I have an advantage this time around as I know the city of Metropolis like the back of my hand from BITD.

Edited by RJ
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I wondered if we'd consider that a cheat. Sometimes if you hold reset down & wait for the scenery to change (before actually starting play) the timer will take awhile to start...even as late as when you enter the phone booth.


I didnt take advantage of this however..not knowing if it's a cheat or not.

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Getting on the board.


Superman Game 1 A/B: 4:59.


Haven't taken a look at the map yet, trying to find my way around for myself first. I included another photo (9:22), which is historical. It documents the first time ever I finished the game since I first played it at a friend's house early in 1984. I never found it particularly interesting BITD. We just messed around without any idea what we were supposed to do. Of course we didn't really read the manual either. So, naturally, we lost interest quickly


Thanks again to the High Score Club, another 31 year old mystery has been solved. I finally see a point in that game, and I appreciate it a lot now for its innovative ideas. What I can't wrap my head around at this point is how people can finish it in about ONE minute!



Edited by karokoenig
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Here's my first attempt. Metropolis city planning can eat a fat one. Idiots. I can cut a little bit of time out, but not minutes.


As for the "cheating" subject, the head start gives you about 5 seconds, so do with that what you will.




Edited by StanJr
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Bonus points are now available! see above.


about the cheating question: If it's like the Frogger trick of timing when you start your game for a little advantage, that's ok. If you have to actually hold down RESET until the right moment before releasing it, that smells kinda like a "cart-fry" or something, doesn't it? So I'm gonna say... it doesn't fly!

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2nd attempt........4:29


That's a personal best, but I never played this game much before. :)



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a little better.......3:56


As a shortcut, I like to take the subway, go to the Pink and exit left for the Jail OR right for the phone booth and Bridge. This may not be the optimal shortcut, but I find it the easiest to remember :dunce:



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Ok. So many I was wrong. A marked improvement last night. I think shaving that last minute is a large factor of luck and/or knowing the city better. The good news is, the game now only lasts 2 minutes and 19 seconds, so I'll have plenty of chances to try.




I'm having a lot of fun with this game. I've never paid it much mind.




Edited by StanJr
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Unable to check at the moment for sure, but IIRR while in the subway you can get to the jail within 2 screens, no matter which "color" subway screen you're on.

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Pretty pathetic, but at least it's something. :) 10:18


Edited by Dauber

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I've never played this game before. I RTFMed but couldn't find an answer to this:


Can Superman recover from kryptonite? If so, how?

You must find and touch Lois Lane, and Superman will then recover his flying abilities.

Lois starts in the Daily Planet building, but she is often carried out by the helicopter.


Good Luck!

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Last week, for the first time in about 4 1/2 years, I didn't get a score posted here. An intersection of joystick malfunction and becoming unexpectedly busy with some other stuff ended my streak. :( Hopefully, I'll begin a new streak this week, although Superman has never captured my Atari Imagination. But there's always a first time...


My Atari story is well-known. It started when my uncle brought one home in 1978. And the rest, as they say, is history. :)



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