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[For Sale] Atari 2600 + Games

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Found my old Atari 2600 in the closet. I say "my" and "old" together, but it was never mine for a long period of time. Friend of mine sent it to me a couple years back, and then I put it into storage.
Took it out, tried it out, everything works great, but I just don't have any interest in it. A lot of the games were pretty cool (Defender was pretty cool for such an old game.), but I didn't grow up with an Atari so don't have much attachment to it.


Here's a picture of all the materials I have with it.


Here's a full gallery of close-ups.

I have with it...
The console itself (CX-2600, one of the "Light Sixers" if that means anything)
All the cables and several controllers

  • Three Joysticks (Know one works but need to test the rest real quick)
  • Two Paddles (Both missing the wheels need to go back and test those)


The Games:

  1. Asteroids
  2. Kaboom! (Two copies)
  3. Missile Command
  4. Space Invaders
  5. Warlords
  6. Pitfall!
  7. Combat
  8. Target Fun
  9. Street Racer
  10. Pac-Man
  11. Space War
  12. E.T. Extra Terrestrial
  13. Night Driver
  14. Spider Fighter
  15. Laser Blast
  16. Video Pinball
  17. Super Breakout
  18. Skiing
  19. Defender

A copy of Breakout that doesn't fit into the slot for some reason. (Atari n00b here I guess?)



And that's what I've got. Going to be honest... Not really sure what it's worth, but I figured I would try here instead of eBay.
Not looking to make a HUGE amount on this really, so I'm up to any offers for it. Also unsure about how I will ship it at this time.


If you are interested, please post any questions on the topic, respond to the topic itself with some kind of message, and then hit me up with a private message so we can get things worked out.


I will be re-testing the controllers tomorrow since I didn't test every single one the other day. All of the games powered on though, so no worries there.


Games and accessories will be easy enough to send, but I'll have to figure up something for the system itself.

Any suggestions here will be gladly taken.


If you are feeling unsure about this, know that I will send it out and provide a tracking number before I expect any kind of payment.

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Would prefer to sell it entirely as one lot, but if you are just REALLY wanting a single title, I'm willing to sell individual titles.

EDIT - Aaaand a few titles have already been claimed!
I talked with the person directly in chat, so thus the message isn't here.
However, do please try to post in the topic first to let other people know what has and hasn't been claimed. (Although I'll try to update it as things go.)

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