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help live streaming from a RetroN 5?

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i'm a streaming noob, but i want to live stream games from my retron 5, anyone have any tips?
what is the best equipment to buy for this? cheapest place to buy it?
any other suggestions?

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I looked up the Elgato and Elgato HD 60.

now I just need to know if the HD 60 is compatible with RetroN 5 or not..
so far I think I found out that the regular Elgato is compatible... I think...
but I'd like to have the 60....if that works....

no clue

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ok, sorry for answering my own questions, but at least maybe this will help someone else in the future,
after several searches on youtube, i found that some people are in fact recording with retron 5 with an HD 60 device, (example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzGqfTU4YRQ)
I guess it will work to stream to twitch as well..
I guess I'll just go ahead and buy one for $150 through amazon.
will update after I get everything up and running.

I can't believe there is like no info on this on the internet. sigh...

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ok, I got it working. finally.
that was so annoying though.
ok, so I have a Mac, I downloaded OBS, but that only captures my computer screen....

elgato has a program called game capture hd, that works great, BUT when I go to stream to Twitch, it's all green and horrible looking and I can't figure out why, SO
me being the smartie pants that I am, I use both programs, and use OBS to capture the screen-preview of my non-streaming gamecapture hd app, and then stream through OBS.
so it works, and I figured out the sound by downloading ANOTHER app called Soundflower.

horrible experience, but I found a loop-hole that works wonders for me so far.
check out my stream, follow me if you're interested.
I plan on playing a crap-ton of games with retron 5. and... I have TONS.

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