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Atari 2600 Multicart

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Had this as long as I can remember. I was thinking of posting on Ebay, but before I went that route, I was wondering if anyone would be remotely interested in something like this? It's a 32 in 1 multicart that uses switch combinations to pull up the games.


From what I understand, it's pretty rare.


The label is rough,but cart itself is in great cond. Sorry for the bad image, was in a rush.


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OK honestly no idea but I would think with low cost Harmony Cartridges these days and being able to load them with any ROM one wishes these have dropped in value except for maybe some die hard collectors in which case as always it is worth whatever someone is willing to PAY. Who knows? Throw it on Ebay with a minimum you can live with and hope for the best, search for one and try to figure and average but be wary of selling prices compared to actual sold listings.

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