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SOLD - Boxed Jaguar + CD + Accesories + Games

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For sale, Atari Jaguar, Jaguar CD plus games and accessories sold as lot. I purchased these new several years ago and they got very little use. They will ship in the same shipping box they came to me which is a snug fit. Jag box is caved on front (came that way). I make no claim that any of these items are mint, all boxes have some wear. I tested the consoles and one controller recently and a couple games (CD and cart) and all worked fine. Presumably the others work as well but I did not test them all. The memory track did store and erase a name on Blue Lightning.



Jaguar in box (console, controller, power supply)

Jaguar CD in box (console, power supply, vid grid, myst demo, blue lightning, tempest soundtrack)

Boxed Memory Track

Composite Video Cable (opened w/bag)

Spare controller (loose)

Two controller extension cables (they're just VGA cables really)


Boxed Jag Games:

Iron Soldier

Alien vs Predator

Tempest 2000

Hyper Force

Cannon Fodder

Power Drive Rally



Loose Jag Games:


Wolfenstein 3D


Sealed Myst for Jag CD


Also some promotional catalogue flyer thing.


Asking US$450.00 SOLD shipped inside USA. Payment via paypal or money order. I'll try to be faster but do to schedule and other issues please allow up to two weekends after payment to ship. I've not been on in a while but I'm guessing there are people still around who can vouch for me as a seller.





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Good luck with everything and best wishes, Chad. Maybe you'll still catch this post.

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