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SOLD OUT: PCE/Turbografx THS7374 RGB amps/cables and pre-amped consoles

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Update 1/6/18:
output resistor values updated. see here:




Prices are for items shipped inside of the USA. Other countries may have additional shipping cost. Payment accepted via paypal. Please do not add a note in paypal mentioning anything about mods or similar terminology.

Amp now has a THS7374 (with LPF bypassed) for amplification instead of a THS7314. THS7374 produces a sharper image than the THS7314. Also, most other amps for sale do not account for the non standard output of the PC Engine/TG16 and will have too bight of an output with washed out colors. This amp has proper output resistance and the display device will see it as 75 ohms. The amp comes with a piece of double side tape attached to the bottom.

Also available is sync stripper add-on board. Board outputs 75 ohm sync.

amp only = $20 shipped
amp + connector + euro scart cable = $40 shipped
amp + sync strip add-on + connector + euro scart cable + $44 shipped

Amp includes 2 4.7uf ceramic caps at no extra charge in case you want to do Viletim's jailbar fix.
Available are PCB mount 8 pin DIN (RGB pins pre trimmed and labeled) for consoles like the CoreGrafx, Turbo Duo, etc.. or circular panel mount 8 pin DIN for IFU-30, Tennokoe 2, etc...

Panel Mount's data sheet with dimensions: http://www.cui.com/product/resource/sd-xxls-series.pdf

mmmonkey has a good guide on how to install the PCB mount jack:

I can also make the cable JP21 upon request. Also can make an 8 pin mini din cable upon request, but there is not much demand for those so not going to keep any premade after I run out of what I have made already.

Here are a few pics of the amp (old style but new one is the same size) installed in a console:

new amp installed on a duo

Consoles (Prices for consoles are shipped inside the USA). If you need a region switch, one can be installed in any console I am selling for an extra cost.

RGB Tennokoe 2 - comes with scart cable.
Has had a DIN 8 and AV jacks added to the back. Expansion port has been trimmed so it will also work on a TG16 as well as PC Engine systems. Saving tested and verified working. Have minor scuffs and scratches. All have the battery cover, but one had the clip part of the cover almost broken off so a bit of epoxy was added to it.

Asking $75 each shipped in the USA (1 available)
a few more pics


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That looks like really nice work you did on the Duo, I appreciate modding that makes use of pre-existing holes and slots, avoiding hacking into the plastic.

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bump. back from vacation. console still available and plenty of amps/cables ready to ship.

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replied to your pm, but ill post this here also:


duojindance has a couple videos where he does a complete install on a Duo-R.


you can get it from where he shows, or anywhere else there is 5v. You can use the output pin on the 7805 to check for continuity if you want to use a different point than what he does. I cant remember exactly where he gets it from.

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As a suggestion, if you use Everdrive and with expansion like Turbobooster Plus or Tennokoe 2, replacing the stock 7805 with one rated for 1.5a or more would go a long way toward preventing glitchy games and crashing. CD system uses multiple regulators and should be OK. Duo is generally OK although the black Duo may not like it if they are still with original caps.

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