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[LYNX] Rewritable Multigame Cartridge

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Thank you everybody for your support.


The pcbs are now in its way from China to Spain. They should arrive in 10 days.


I will write again when they are ready.

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that looks really swell. I am looking forward to seeing more of this. I imagine you use a different connector than the one for the vectrex cartridge.

any idea what the cartridge is going to look like (size, knob or otherwise)? Keep us posted!

such multi rom cart for the atari lynx will be nice but it would be nicer to have just a os selection menu instead,i was thinking, there must be a complicated way to get around the hard reset issue,by, 1 by externaly connecting pin 33 to 31 trough a special chip to interfare with eachother once needed to achieve a hard reset, or 2 or hacking those games with the bootrom stripped off to avoid the need of rebooting the system and instead let the os menu do the reboot instead during setup,or 3 let the os just skip the first 100 bytes from each game to avoid a reboot anyway,note the first 100 bytes are the reboot encrytion code

from each game.

hopefully this way those limitations can be overcome.

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Good news, the first 10-pcb batch arrived a couple of days ago.


I have been testing them and everything works properly.


I have tested all the games in the list at the end of this message; please, should you miss some game in the below list, just let me know and I will try to test it.


The first kits will be ready to be sent next week.


I will now write a message to the 9 first people that expressed interest in owning one of these cartridges... If you don´t receive this message and want one cartrdige, write me through my contact form (http://www.vectrex.hackermesh.org/index.php/en/contact) and I will study whether there is enough interest to make a second batch.


Thank you everyone for supporting my developments.

APB - All Points Bulletin (1990)
Alien Vs Predator (Prototype) (1993) [!]
Awesome Golf (1991)
Basketbrawl (1992)
Batman Returns (1992)
Battle Wheels (1993) (Beyond Games) [o1]
Battlezone 2000 (1996)
Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1991)
Block Out (1990) [o1]
Bubble Trouble (1997) (Telegames)
California Games (1991) [o1]
Centipede (Prototype) (1987) (Shadowsoft)
Checkered Flag (1991)
Chip's Challenge (1989) [o1]
Conquest of Zow (1996)
Crystal Mines II (1990) [o1]
Desert Strike - Return to the Gulf (1993) (Telegames)
Dinolympics (1992)
Dirty Larry - Renegade Cop (1992)
Double Dragon (1993) (Telegames)
Dracula - The Undead (1991)
Dragnet (1995)
Electrocop (1989) [o1]
European Soccer Challenge (1993) (Telegames) [o1]
Eye of the Beholder (Prototype) (1990) (NuFX)
Fat Bobby (1997) (Telegames)
Fidelity Ultimate Chess Challenge (1991) (Telegames) [o1]
Gates of Zendocon, The (1989) [o1]
Gauntlet - The Third Encounter (1990) [o1]
Gordo 106 - The Mutated Lab Monkey (1993)
Hard Drivin' (1993) [o1]
Hockey (1992)
Hydra (1992)
Ishido - The Way of the Stones (1991) [o1]
Jimmy Conners Tennis (1991)
Joust (1993) (Williams) [o1]
Klax (1990)
Krazy Ace Minature Golf (1997) (Telegames)
Kung Food (1992)
Lemmings (1993)
Lexis (1999) (Songbird)
Loopz (Prototype) (1992) (Handmade Software)
Lynx Casino (1992)
Lynx Diagnostic Cart V0.02 (1989)
Malibu Bikini Volleyball (1993)
Marble Madness by Matthias Domin (1999) (PD)
Marlboro Go! (Prototype) (1993) (Digital Image)
Ms. Pac-Man (1990) [a1]
NFL Football (1990)
Ninja Gaiden (1990)
Ninja Gaiden III - The Ancient Ship of Doom (1993)
Pac-Land (1991) [o1]
Paperboy (1990) [o1]
Pinball Jam (1992)
Pit Fighter - The Ultimate Competition (1992)
Power Factor (1992)
Puzzler 2000 V.43 (Aug 26) (1998) (PD)
Qix (1991) (Telegames) [o1]
Raiden (1997) (Telegames)
Rampage (1991)
Rampart (1991)
Road Riot 4WD (Beta) (1994)
RoadBlasters (1990)
Robo-Squash (1990) [o1]
Rygar - Legendary Warrior (1990)
S.T.U.N. Runner (1991)
Scrapyard Dog (1991)
Shadow of the Beast (1992)
Shanghai (1990) [o1]
StarDreamer - Full Game (2002) (PD)
Steel Talons (1991)
Super Asteroids & Missile Command (1995) [o1]
Super Off-Road (1996) (Telegames)
Super Skweek (1991)
Switchblade II (1992)
Todd's Adventure in Slime World (1990) [o1]
Toki (1990)
Tournament Cyberball 2072 (1991)
Turbo Sub (1991) [a1]
Viking Child (1991)
Warbirds (1990) [o1]
World Class Soccer (1992)
Xenophobe (1990)
Xybots (1991)
Zarlor Mercenary (1990) [o1]
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I would hope he does a second run, I am sure he will sell a fair few of these. I would still buy the other carts (The SD cart from SainT when that arrives, and Lynxmans flash cart) - all have their own use imo.

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Yes walter, my (rudimentary) ERP system should confirm any enquiry received through my contact form. You should receive an email confirmation.


Should anyone be interested in this 16in1 Lynx rewritable card, please tell me through my contact form: http://www.vectrex.hackermesh.org/index.php/en/contact (it´s difficult to keep track of this information in the forum).


Till now, 6 users had told me they would like one, so probably I will make a second 10-pcb batch.


Thanks to everybody supporting my developments.

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