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Nutsy Doodleheimer

What is the weirdest video game title or game you have ever played?

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I don't know about you but the guy playing looks a lot like Donald Trump especially if you look closely at his hair/wig. :lol:



So is this what happens when he says "You're fired"? Jeez, talk about getting the shaft... :-o

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Thanks! Dr. Paul made quite an impression on me as a lad growing up in the Tampa Bay area. I loved his show and would watch it every weekend. He featured some great movies that to this day I've never seen anywhere else like The Flesh Eaters and Matango.


Just listened to this and really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing that link! Their critique pretty much nailed the endearing yet frustrating nature of this game. I've never played another game quite like it. If you can look past its glaringly obvious flaws then its an incredibly rewarding experience (and there's only a handful of games I would actually consider an "experience"). And It's got a great soundtrack, which I'm always a sucker for.


Yeah, the Watch Out For Fireball guys do a great job with their deep dives on games. You can find the main site here: http://feeds.duckfeed.tv/woff

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Some good mentions here already, Waku Waku 7 on the Neo Geo (and Saturn) is up there. I also remember some Japanese exclusive racing game for Wii that I had and one of the events involved purposely jumping your car into a lake or something. It was really odd. I also remember some really odd unlicensed Famicom Disk System porn games. There's also a hamster sim game for N64, Japan only exclusive of course.

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The weirdest, nonsensical one I played is probably LSD : Dream Simulator on PS1. but since it's a game that "does what it say on the tin", it's expected to be weird.


The weirdest one I have played... putting sillyness aside (that's my take on weird in thic context ; a game that does things you don't expect) to me, Postal2 and Katamari Damashi aren't weird, they are silly. They take different rules, but follow them all along.

The weirdest one is probably Haunting Ground.

It's a survival horror by Capcom, and goodness, forget all the Resident Evil cheesyness of the real episodes and the utter crappiness of the latter ones.

It's goddam WEIRD.


You play as a young girl stranded in a gothic castle, with a dog as your only friend. There is only one ennemy for each "part" of the castle, but he can follow you, and can look into hiding places. The more you play, the more the atmosphere turn from a creepy horror movie (with the first ennemy being a degenerated massive guy) to a Black Magic setup that lead you to wonder if what happens on screen is even real (think of Sanitarium, but much more freaky).






In the same vein, you have rule of Rose, where you're a young girl(about 17 I think ) of the 1920's, trapped into a zeppelin with a bunch of little girls bending her to their desires, and various freaky little monsters standing between you and your goals.






Those games. Yeah, they are WEIRD.


Some may object that most survival horror games are weird, and... some, yeah; but Resident Evil follow stricts rules: it's a virus, and you can kill monsters by shooting them or making them explode, or catch fire. It's gross, creepy sometime, but there is no weirdness (in some characters maybe).

Silent Hill and his deep psychological reading is even less weird. It's nothing but logic in action. It's creepy and sometime gross, but it's not weird, because you can explain it.

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