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Hi guys,


It's great to see that the Lynx developer scene is still active. My name is Peter and about 12 years ago I programmed quite actively for the Atari Lynx and won runner up in the Lynx coding contest at the time with my game Battlespace. I have since moved on and sold my collection (I know, I miss it...).


However, when moving home recently I stumbled upon most of my programming stuff from back then; files that I believed had been lost forever. Long story short, I though I just share everything I did back then for your pleasure ;-) and of course with the hope that someone might pick up where I left off.


Sorry there's no read me, but the archive includes a Lynx RAM display rom, an MK2 demo (no, not the silly april fools one, I actually did the entire character select screen :) , my Battlespace rom (!), a panoramic image engine and some other sprite and 3d attempts. Everything with source code.


There are also a lot of helper programmes written in pascal, including my Handasm, a lynx disassembler.


Some of the code is commented in German, sorry...


Please feel free to use any of this for your own projects and I'd love to hear about or see some stuff being share here.






On that note:




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