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DIY 128k/512k cartridge - PCB, files and build instructions

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If you have a look at the schematic, I've only run A0-A7, CCTL, and PHI2 as inputs to the CPLD, so that rules out the XEGS banking scheme which I think uses D0-D7.


The Max/Williams scheme appears to be very similiar to the atarimax 128k one, so should be perfectly do-able.


I'm not planning to produce these commercially - the design is free for all to use and modify. Getting the PCBs produced is as simple as uploading the brd file to e.g. dirtypcbs and waiting for a couple of weeks for them to arrive!






I have not looked at this thing in awhile. The position of the hole in the middle allows it to fit into an Atari Brown/XEGS Shell or a Williams Shell. Without the exact dimensions of the board, I don't know if it will wobble around inside the Williams Shell. The bank switching scheme is similar to AtariMax and Williams, I have been using that scheme,write non zero value to D500 + bank number.

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Very good job!! i love it and i make it, whith the help of Space Invader. (I have some problems programing de Xilinx).


Here is a picture of the cartridge:



Thanks for your job, but I have a question:


It is posible to make a .jed that support a 8Mb Chip, making the corresponding changes in the PCB's


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Posted (edited)

I redrawn schematic and pcb design for use with most common parts for today. I used SMD elements but flash chip stayed in DIP package for simple programing in common programers. This refreshed design is prepared to use with Sikor's cartridge enclosure, because I wanted to check if my pcb template design is correct (yes, it is!).


Current parts list:

- 1Mbit (128kB) or 4Mbit (512kB) 32 pin Flash EEPROM e.g. SST39SF010, SST39SF040
- 32 pin DIP socket for the above
- Xilinx XC9536XL VQFP44
- LM1117/AMS1117 SOT223 (or other 5v->3.3v regulator)
- 2 x 10uF (A or 1206 or 0805)
- 3 x 100nF (1206 or 0805)
- 6 goldpins for jtag


Cartridge was tested and it works correctly. I attach Eagle project. Use it as you wish:-)



Atari 4mbit Cart.zip

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I attach project files for xilinx, and jedec file for 4Mbit version. In fact the vhdl code is the same as in the file that electrotrains shared in the first post, while ucf file contains a new pinout assignments for VQFP version. In the zip file I added ready to program jedec file for xilinx based on that vhd/ucf files I prepared for VQFP version of xilinx. Its all for 4Mbit version.


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