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Ghost Soldier

Super Duper List of Wanted Things

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I'm looking for the following items and hoping to trade for them.


LOZ Ocarina of Time 3DS System CIB

LOZ Ocarina of Time CIB 3DS

LOZ Majora's Mask CIB 3DS

Pilotwings Resort CIB 3DS

Kid Icarus CIB 3DS

Starfox 64 CIB 3DS

Hyrule Warriors CIB WiiU

SNES System SMW/All-Stars Offer CIB

Earthbound Cart Only SNES

Jurassic Park II CIB SNES

Final Fantasy III SNES Box and Manual Only

Chrono Trigger SNES Box and Manual Only

Secret of Mana SNES Box and Manual Only

LOZ Link to the Past SNES Box and Manual Only

Sega Saturn Import Games that don't require knowing japanese.

Sega Saturn Import Controller White

1 SNES Official AC Adaptor

1 Super Famicom Official AC Adaptor

Super Famicom games English friendly





My list of items that I could potentially trade is vast (5000+ games and lots of systems). Link to my collection, though it has not been updated in months.


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believe I have a sealed LOZ Majora's Mask CIB 3DS...looking for twilight princess gc, smash bro for either gc/n64..possibly majoras mask or any Mario party carts, contra III, Castlevania IV, Metroid, turtles IV (all snes carts)...etc things like this I'm potentially seeking

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