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TI-99/4 (not 4A) overlays question

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1. Does someone coincidentally have "spare" original TI-99/4 (not /4A) overlays to sell?


2. I found some online (see jpg below), but are there also online versions of these overlays?

(the one at the right with red letters and the one in the middle - not too sure to which module they belong to)




Alternatively I can print these ones:


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Since I found myself addressing this same question recently for the same reason, here, for future purposes of this nature, is a Letter size PDF containing the standard overlay scaled to print at optimal dimensions when printed to Letter paper. 


Naturally, one will still have to cut the key holes.  But it's at least doable, and worked out fine for me, and fits just right. 


standard 994 overlay - letter size.pdf

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That would be awesome, Jim.


In the meantime and as an improvement on the prior options for printing, here is a fully retouched/rebuilt standard overlay I made for better quality printed reproduction.


Just couldn't satisfy myself with the result of printing a lightly touched up scan. 


The labels are a little off centre in a few cases, but that's how it is on the original used. 


If downloading, make sure to view full size for full resolution:




And the original, for comparison:




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