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sega genesis lot 167 non-duplicates (before ebay)

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I am giving atariage first crack at some stuff I am selling. here is 167 sega genesis lot. Most are loose, but about a dozen have boxes. I need to sell so I can get LASIK. If interested, email me at [email protected]. I do have other stuff I am selling here as well so check out those threads.


Included are price checks. I usually only deal in bulk and we can work out price later.

Box or Shrinkwrapped	
ATP tour championship tennis	shrinkwrapped
batman	box only/no cart
clue	box only/no cart
lethal enforcers II gun fighters	box
ms. Pac-man	box
saint sword	box
shadow dancer	box
sonic the hedgehog 2	box
sonic the hedgehog pinball	box/instructions
super vollyball	box only/no cart
the lost vikings	box
air buster	
alisir dragoon	
arcade classics centipede/missile command	
arnold palmer tournament golf	
barkley shut up and jam!	
battle squadron	
bill walsh college football	
bill walsh college football95	
blades of vengence	
brett hull hockey 95	
bubsy II	
buck rogers	
bulls verse blazers and the NBA playoffs	
bulls vs lakers and the NBS playoffs	
centurions: defenders of rome	
chiki chiki boys	
coach k college basketball	
college football usa 96	
college football usa 97	
combat cars	
crue ball	
cutthroat island	
dark castle	
david robinson's supreme court	
death duel	
desert stike: return to the gulf	
ecco: the tides of time	
f-117 night storm	
f-22 interceptor ATF	
fifa international soccer	
fifa soccer 95	
fifa soccer 95	
fifa soccer 97	
fifa soccer 97	
frank thomas big hurt baseball	
generations lost	
hardball 3	
hardball 94	
hardball 95	
img international tour tennis	
insector x	
izzy's quet for th olympic rings	
jack nicklaus power challenge golf	
james pond	
james pond 3	
james pond 2: codename robocod	
john madden football	
john madden football 92	
john madden football 93	
john madden football championship edition	
jordan vs bird	
jungle strike:  th sequel to desert strike	
justice league task foce	
king's bounty	
la russa baseball	
la russa baseball 95	
lakers verses celtics and the NBA playoffs	
lhx attack xhopper	
lotus II RECS	
lotus turbo challenge	
madden 96	
madden 94	
madden 95	
madden 97	
madden 98	
mario andretti racing	
menacer 6	
micro machines	
mike dika power football	
mlbpa baseball	
mutant league football	
nba live 95	
nba live 96	
nba live 97	
nba live 98	
nba showdown 94	
nhl 94	
nhl 95	
nhl 96	
nhl 97	
nhl 98	
nhlpa hockey 93	
normy's beach babe-o-rama	
outrun 2019	
pga european tour	
pga tour golf	
PGA tour golf II	
pga tour golf iii	
phantasy star III	
pigskin footbrawl	
power monger	bad label
pto: pacific thetre of operations	
richard scarry's busy town	
road rash	
road rash ii	
rolling thunder 3	
rugby world cup 95	
seaquest DSV	
shadow of the beast	
shinobi III; return of the ninja master	
sonic and knuckles	
sonic the hedgehog 2	
sonic the hedgehog 3	
sword of sodan	
sports talk baseball	
star control	
summer challenge	
super battleship	
super volly ball	
superbaseball 2020	
task force harrier	
taz in escape from mars	
team usa basketball	
techno clash	
terminator	bad label
the aquatic games	
the duel: test drive II	
TMNT Tournament Fighters	
tnn bass tournament 96	
todd's advetures in slime world	
toejam and eark in panic on funkotron	
toughman contest	
triple play 96	
triple play gold edition	
trouble shooter	
unnessary roughness 95	
urban strike:  the sequel to jungle strike	
virtua racing	
virtual pinball	
VR troopers	
where in time is carmen sandiego?	
winter challenge	
winter olympics	
world championship soccer II	
world class leaderboard golf	
world cup Usa 94	
world heroes	
world series baseball	
world series baseball 95	
world trophy soccer	
zero tolerance	

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