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New TI-99/4A Tunnels of Doom(TOD) game and Game Editor

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Anyone ever have any troubles with Quests not matching up with their sprites? I'm guessing it's because I was lazy and didn't use slot 1 or 2, but I was just testing my objective sprites and two of the sprites did not match up. I made four, it served me three, two correctly tied to their text / parameters, one mismatched, and one was the original King! :-)


Here's some images of what I'm dealing with. It just shows the Quest window filled out along with the missing Quest 5 sprite from the victory screen.




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First of all, the quests need to be 1~4, always use the quest slots from the top down,

never have empty quests slots above others...Images you can use in any order.

Second, I don't see image #5 even being used? I see 1,4,3,6?

And I'm assuming image #1 is still the King graphic tied to quest #3.

Edited by Fritz442

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Wow, this is what happens when you "code" on no sleep and dealing with Putting your cat put down, etc... Wow. Yeah, just decided on my own apparently that in Navajas World the TI would know that I put those quests in those slots in order to use the like numbered sprites. Image cell shmimage cell. Duh.

Thanks for the second pair of eyes, Fritz.

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