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Reputable place to send a Toploader for A/V mod + Interference issues

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Wanting to get one soon...last I looked a year or so ago, you could find pre-modded consoles on Ebay, but not anymore (that don't seem sketchy anyway)...can anyone refer me to somewhere that has a good record for doing mods that i can ship it to?


I also want to mention, my regular model is run through composite cables ATM but has some interference/lines on screen. I learned this varies with the power supply I've used, the actual OEM NES plug is by far the worst with wavy lines descending down the screen during gameplay..a couple other random plugs I tried just to test weren't as bad, but both varied with the style of lines on screen & intensity (one was small diagonal, another had 2 groups of slightly larger lines crossing eachother ) From what I understand there's a mod out there that just changes the RF to composite & another that does the same but actually improves the video quality & I'm guessing prevents the interference & lines on screen...I'd definitely want that one if it's availiable to be performed out there...& if anyone has any advice on that issue period, please let me know




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