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Need catbox rgb (db9) schematics

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Hello Guys!


I´m trying to build a cable so i can use the rgb (db9) output on the catbox to use it with my televisions set´s, but can´t find the schematics of the damn thing anywhere.


Does anyone knows where can i find it?

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You can always use a meter's continuity tester to map the pins yourself to the edge connector.

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  1. Red
  2. Green
  3. Blue
  4. Horizontal Sync
  5. Vertical Sync/Composite Sync (VS/CS)
  6. Ground
  7. Ground
  8. Ground
  9. Mono Audio/NC

Note that the jumper labeled J7 (VS CS) on the AVC PCB allows you to select Vertical Sync (VS) or Composite Sync (CS), which is a combined signal and should not be confused with Composite Video. The CatBox default is for VS. If the vertical screen of your monitor keeps rolling after adjusting vertical hold, try moving this jumper to the CS position. If you still cannot get a good vertical hold, then your cable adapter or monitor may be bad.

The mono audio signal, which fees to the Analog RGB connector may also be disabled by removing the audio jumper J1 on the AVC PCB. Although there is built-in protection so that leaving this jumper enabled will not cause any problems, it is a good idea to disconnect J1 if you do not plan to use the AtariSC monitor adapter.




This is copied form the catbox manual.



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