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Vic 20 memory

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I can't recall what the switches 1-7 on the homemade one will do, but the 16K Cardram should fit your purposes. You want one of the two blocks to be mapped to BLK5 - meaning one out of four DIP switches should be on and the other off. The other block usually should map to BLK3 in the same fashion, but a few 16K cartridge games will instead load the second half into BLK1. If you want to load Scott Adams' text adventures, you need to enable BLK2 and BLK3. Which block is which is not really important, as long as the two 8K blocks are mapped to one area each.


Supposedly the homemade one works in a similar way, but I would've expected eight switches in order to work as 2 blocks x 4 switches.

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