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Make-a-disk challenge!

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With Senior Falcon's and Lee Stewart's and Insane Multitasker's help (their work mostly), There is now a way to load the program BOOT...




...and it should work with any DSK1 device.


The attached disk image contains the TI BASIC program that will load BOOT from DSK1.


The program name is A.


First copy your version of the program BOOT and whatever programs you might want to the disk image. No cheating, either! The disk image must not be expanded beyond 90k. This must run on a stock TI with 32k and only DSK1 (SSSD) is available.


Select TI BASIC and type:


OLD DSK1.A <enter>

RUN <enter>


This will load and run BOOT from DSK1., Hopefully you've got your menu configured correctly!


Please post your disk images here.


Have at it!



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