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Resources for the original Magnavox Odyssey

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I'm looking into procuring a Magnavox Odyssey. I was wondering if there are any resources or forums out there for it? I've looked around and while I've found a few places where it's referenced as part of video game history on the net, I haven't seen a whole lot of discussion. I have noted that about half a dozen homebrews were developed, but I haven't seen anything in the way of console mods or hacks. There also appears to be an emulator that was started but never finished. So my questions are:

1.) Does anyone around here know if there are any forums on the net for the original Odyssey?

2.) Does anyone know if detailed schematics are available for it like they are for the Atari?

3.) How did the overlays work? Were they printed on some sort of transparency? I'm concerned because I have a CRT 36" TV, but the overlay is a static image and was probably designed for a smaller TV. I'm assuming that the image won't scale properly from my TV to the overlay and therefore would render the system useless.

4.) Is there anyone around who refurbishes/repairs these units or even possibly mods them? It'd be nice if there was a composite out mod similar to what's available for the Atari.

Any information is greatly appreciated.

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I can only answer #3, but I do own an original Odyssey which my parents bought in '72 or early '73. The overlays are plastic transparencies, and came in (I think) 19 and 25" sizes. No such thing as a 36" television in those days, so you might be stuck getting some repros made at a UPS store or something.

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