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Fibro's Flash Sale (FREE Sealed Retro game)

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..ok, here it is...my few hr flash sale...
SO, without hesitation...FREE SEALED Retro GAME (my choice) w/ $40+ PURCHASE! ALL PRICES ARE SHIPPED IN THE U.S.... Thanks for looking


The Wonderful 101 WiiU Sealed $29
Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Wiiu Sealed $29

Luigi's Mansion CIB $20
Metriod Prime Trilogy CIB $42
Skies of arcadia legends CIB $75
Pikmin 2 gc disc only $30
Amiibo - Fox McCloud U.S. New $30
Luigi's Mansion SEALED (offers)
Mario golf toadstool tour SEALED (offers)


Dark Souls 2 PS4 cib $35
D.A. Inquisition Xbone CIB $28
Battlefield Hardline SEALED Ps4 $35
Dark Cloud 2 Sealed $70
(Released tomorrow) Batman Arkham ps4 SEALED w/ all preorder codes $53 shipped!!

ds.png3ds.png (all other handheld)

Advanced Wars Dual Strike CIB $28
Monster Hunter 4 sealed $27 (possibly x2)
SMT Devil Summoner Soul Hackers Sealed (some wear to outer box though) $27
Pokémon Y CIB $20
Zelda:Link between Worlds Sealed $30
Fantasy Life Sealed $29
Survival Kids cart only (gbc) $27
Smash Bros 3ds cib $24
Gods Eater Burst Psp sealed $38
Akiba's Trip Vita Sealed $27

genesis.png and older console stuff

Contra Hard Corps CIB $60
Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter C/B $20
Phantasy Star IV cart $32
DOOM (Jaguar) CIB w/ overlays too $40
Boxyboy hucard only TG-16 $18
Pokémon Stadium 2 cart $28
Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon w/ manual $35
Diablo ps1 cib $40
Harvest Moon Back to Nature cib ps1 $34
Battletoads in Battlemaniacs CIB snes (offer)
Battletoads/DD snes CIB (offer)
Hydlide cib Saturn $35
Super 3d Noah's Ark snes CIB rerelease (offer)
Actraiser 2 snes cart $20
Midnight Mutants cart Atari 5200 $32

OK, there's a ton of atari, nes and other items I just don't have time to list, so please take a look at my availables link below. There's pics on there of some of these items as well as conditions. TY in advance for at least looking!

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