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set tv PAL + kernel DPC+ not working PLEASE HELP

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Hi all,

I was trying write some small game, but I need more sprites. I want use DPC+ kernel on PAL, but when i compile (with status 0) the .bin file is NTSC! Whow?! I cannot even compile example as PAL. I do not read any warning about this feature/bug in batari Basic manual (that is excelent anyway, and much more excelent since is updated...) I just try multisprite kernel, but it was not working on PAL also (Im from Europe). I was trying find some solution. Of course I try it on real hardware(2600 jr - PAL europe{50Hz} + Harmony Cartridge). Is impposible play NTSC games on PAL 50 TV.Does anybody have more expirence with this problem? Does anybody have functional batari basic code (.bas) with DPC+ kernel working on PAL50??? Or some other helpfull code?


I attaching some example bugy code, but seems like my code is not problem, just pal setting is not working...








Many thanks




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Sorry, now Im trying multisprite kernel and seems working, but DPC+ kernel have lot of great features so question is same as before.

Somebody please???





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Im serious about timing issues with NTSC binary with PAL machine on PAL tv. A attach foto of timing isussue that occur when code is compiled for NTSC. I use well known example 9 Objects with coordinates.bas compiled in NTSC and PAL. Absolutely same source only set tv is different. As you can see on NTSC binary is playfield from half ouf from screen. Simmilar things happend with NTSC every time I try. I hope images help for better understanding. You may be courius about my AV mod output, but please be sure really valid PAL signal is comming out. I try it many times(projectors etc.). I was paying lot of interest about analog PAL/ntsc signal art, so I could say i know the basics of signal processing and some issues that happend when some part of singal is missing, or when is in different place. Exactly same situation is with NTSC binaries of old games form NTSC-ish countries. So my question is more abou timming, and if is somehow possible correct timming for PAL tv???
Thak you very much for your reaction, on my previous question,
but it is not exactly what I was meaning, or just please say "no!" if is impssible in relations of batari Basic correct this issue.






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