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People really do over price Bullcrap online for retro games!1,000 for realsports basketball proto on the atari 5200.This is a damn joke.id sell it for 350.00 if it was mine.

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I disagree. As I have said already, I have sold many much less interesting or significant titles for between 150 and 300 dollars over the last 10 years. Here's a challenge, please post an example of a more interesting unique title that sold for 4-5 times less? ($125-100). Once again this will be subjective, but shouldn't be too difficult: 1) Title, 2) price it sold for 3) your personal opinion of why that title is more awesome than the earliest known copy of one of only a handful of known 4 player 5200 games... but still only sold for 100-125 bucks.


Depends on your idea of interesting. In my experience selling prototypes I have found that more people are interested in popular titles. In general they prefer popular titles over unpopular titles. There have been a few exceptions but in general sports games are some of the hardest prototypes to sell unless you sell them cheap or they are really unique.


Awhile back I was offered a non-Atari 16bit basketball prototype. This one was indeed special. It had cussing in the play by play commentary. Instead of "He's on Fire" it might say "He's on %#@#%^* Fire" etc. Now THAT is interesting and that prototype I was told sold for 4 figures. It would take A LOT to get the non fan of 5200 basketball interested in a proto but if your prototype cusses then you just might be underpriced.

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