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Dr Do

Any Amstrad CPCs in the house?

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Hi folks


I recently picked up an Amstrad CPC464 to add to my collection (while my first computer was a Atari 65XE, I'd been playing around on someone else's CPC for some time before I got the Atari, so it was that which introduced me to home computing in the first place). However, it's not booting up properly so I'm now off in search of some Amstrad forums for advice on getting it up and running again. In the meantime, though, I was curious as to whether any AtariAgers are using CPCs as well. If so, how are you getting on with them?

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Have a CPC6128 myself, no idea if that 3" drive works, never got a disk in that format...

But lots of games that i use in the HxC Floppy emulator from lotharek !

Now that is possible to flash Gotek Floppy emulators with HxC firmware (that works with Amiga , Atari ST and CPC) i think its the way to go cost-wise.


The games on this little beast i think are more colorful than in the others platforms, but tend to be in the slow side, it has a superb Donkey Kong version, for example , if only it was a little faster, it would be the best 8-bit conversion!


My favorite game is the recent R-Type Conversion, that is by far the best 8-bit version i´ve seen(but 128k only, i think).

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Marvellous. I shall check out the CPC Wiki forum for some pointers on reviving this creature.


Never mind the games - just the keyboard is more colourful than on my XE! I remember playing Roland in the Caves, but I didn't even know that you could get Donkey King for it. Looking forward to exploring the CPC's software collection...



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